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This service gives you the opportunity to get away with peace of mind by offering a personalized and professional animal care service with a lifetime of equestrian experience.
We come to your farm or home to provide the TLC that your horses and/or pets are accustomed to while also giving your property that “lived in” Iook.

Greetings To You From Countryside

Countryside Farm and Pet Care would like to be of service to you by providing a personalized pet or farm sitting service for you and your animal companions.

If you wish to use this service please call and schedule an interview. This interview serves several purposes. It gives you and your pets a chance to get acquainted with your sitter and to assure that everyone is comfortable with one another. It also gives us a chance to set an estimated fee do vary from one household to another depending on your location and the time involved with each situation.  There is no charge for the initial visit with you and if you should decide that this service is not for you, that’s okay perhaps you may know someone who would find my service useful.


Thank you for your time. If you have any question, please feel free to call me or use my contact form to send a detailed email about the services you need. Bob Dent at 240-409-9300. If someone is not available, please feel free to leave a message.


We have been using Bob Dent at Countryside Pet sitting for almost 15 years! He’s provided expert care and peace of mind for our dog Barkley from the time he was a young energetic pup until he was an aging senior dog Labrador. We never had to worry, knowing Bob would let us know how things were going. Bob also takes care of our 4 cats and is happy to take out the trash or bring in the mail. I would highly recommend his services to any pet owner! Christy Evans, Frederick, MD

Client Since 1995

Bob Dent has been taking care of our canine, feline, avian, hedgehog, rodent, and reptile family members for over 20 years. He walks our dog daily and does pet sitting, both at our home and at his farm, as needed. He is the best pet sitter anyone could ever have, catering to each individual personality and specific needs. Bob’s demeanor is calm and loving. Every pet in our family is excited to see him each time he visits, probably because he spends quality time with each one of them. Bob embodies the Countryside motto: Pets are Family. He, himself, has quite a pet family on his farm, including his dogs, rescued horses, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, and more. He is truly Frederick’s Pet Whisperer. The Stockbridges, Frederick MD

Client Since 1995

Bob Dent has been wonderful pet sitting our animals and also watching our farm as well. You need to call Bob. B Kent, Libertytown, MD

Client Since 1995

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